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    Interview mit Bill Blair


    Bill Blair wurde in Kent/Ohio geboren und ist dort aufgewachsen. Er besuchte die Kent State University vom Kindergarten bis zum College. Bill war sehr aktiv im Schultheater und Musik.

    Nach dem College konzentrierte er sich voll auf seine Musikkarriere. Er spielte in vielen Bands, unter anderem Climax, die den Hit "Precious and Few" im Jahre 1972 rausbrachten, und The Classics IV. Anfang der 80er Jahre tourte er durchs Land mit seiner eigenen Gruppe, genannt Expression.

    Im Jahre 1982, nach langer Genesung einer schweren Verletzung, ging er nach Chicago, wo er eine Karriere als Model begann, was dann später zur Schauspielen führte.
    Die erste kleine Rolle bekam er 1982 in einem amerikanischen Theater. Das Stück hieß "The Killing Floor", er spielte eine Sicherheitswache. Im folgenden Sommer spielte er weiter kleine Rollen und war in Gastrollen einiger Filme zu sehen. Seine erste sprechende Rolle erhielt er Anfang 1984 in dem Film "The Impostor", kurz danach ging er nach Dallas.
    In den 5 Jahren in Dallas ging er seiner Modelkarriere weiter nach und besuchte für 2 Jahre die Schauspielschule.

    Star Trek DS9 "Cardassian"

    1986 schrieb er ein Buch names "The Professionals Talent Handbook: The Guide To Getting Started". Er komponierte ein Songtitel "The Crowning Glory" für die Organisation bekannt als National Campers und Hikers Association, mittlerweile bekannt als Family Campers und Rvers. Das Lied wurde für eine Veranstaltung namens "Teen Qeen" geschrieben, wo Bill 10 - 12 Jahre Master of Ceremonies war. Die Veranstaltung ist vergleichbar mit der Miss Amerika Wahl.

    Star Trek DS9 "Westmore Alien"

    Später ab dem Jahr 2000 folgten dann Rollen in Star Trek Voyager, Enterprise und anderen Serien.

    Seine Hobbies sind tanzen, Musik, campen, reisen (besonders Wochenenden in Las Vegas verbringen) und neue Freunde gewinnen.

    Star Trek DS9 "Jem'Hadar"

    Bill Blair hat einen Fan Club, welcher hier zu finden ist: Ein Teil der Einnahmen werden für einen guten Zweck ausgegeben. Es lohnt sich mal reinzuschauen.

    Sliders "Kromag Guard"


    Day Of The Dead "Brakiri Priest"
    And The Rock Cried Out No Hiding Place
    Z Minus 7 Days
    Shadow Dancing
    The Hour Of The Wolf
    The Geometry Of Shadows
    Confessions And Lamentations
    Divided Loyalties
    A Day In the Strife
    A Late Delivery From Avalon
    Conflicts Of Interest
    Soul Mates
    A Distant Star
    Point of No Return
    Ceremonies of Light and Dark
    Sic Transit Vir
    (a partial list - over 60 episodes in all)

    BABYLON 5: Movies
    In The Beginning
    STAR TREK: Deep Space 9
    The House Of Quark
    A Time To Stand
    Rocks And Shoals
    Sons And Daughters
    Behind The Lines
    Favor The Bold
    Sacrifice Of Angels
    Return To Grace
    Looking For Par' Mach In All The Wrong Places
    Business As Usual
    Wrongs Darker Than Death or Night
    ( a partial list - over 35 episodes in all)

    STAR TREK: Voyager
    Friendship One
    Critical Care

    STAR TREK: Enterprise

    The Andorian Incident (Vulcan Monk)

    SLIDERS Genesis
    The Unstuck Man
    Eye Of the Storm

    The Enemy Within
    Dark Horizon

    The Imposter (TV movie) (1984) "undercover cop"
    R.O.T.O.R. -(1987) "Statum"
    The Puppet Masters (1994) "Slugged Businessman"
    The Walton's "John Boy's Wedding" (TV movie) (1995)
    Bill"committee member"
    Dinosaur Valley Girls (1996) "Bromo"
    Dogwatch (1997) "Cop Driver"
    Vengence Unlimited (TV series) (1999) (man in phone booth)
    Arli$$ - (HBO series) (2000) "Cleric"
    Evolution (2001) "Poolside Card Player"
    Bandits (2001) "Bank Guard"
    Ally McBeal - Several episodes During the 1999/2000 TV season
    The Invisible Man (2001) - "Corpse"
    Curb Your Enthusiasm (2002) (HBO) - "Christian Scientist"

    NY Yellow Pages, Wendy's, Cocktails for Two wine coolers, Nissan, Kodak, Kyoseki Oil, 7 Up/Dr. Pepper.

    Print Ads
    Radio Shack, Dallas Magazine, Cover for American Association of Respiratory Therapists and California Dreamers Greeting Cards.


    Das Interview

    Alexandra: Hello, nice to have you here. I hope you are fine today and fit for some questions.

    Bill: Thank you - it's a pleasure.

    Alexandra: How do you get the first role in Star Trek?

    Bill: After I auditioned several times for TNG -and not getting hired - i was sent on the episode of 'house of quark' on DS9. I played a klingon - I was sent only because another player couldn't make it at the last minute. The make-up, wardrobe, and assistant directors liked me - so I got to keep going back.

    Alexandra: Do you ever want to play some other roles in Star Trek, except aliens?

    Bill: Not really. I'm still hoping for the chance to play a borg.

    Alexandra: Do you like the borg?

    Bill: Yes

    Alexandra: Do you like to play enemies?

    Bill: I think it's a trememdous make-up to wear :-)

    Alexandra: Do you think there are some parrallels between you and your charakters?

    Bill: Not necessarily - I do like variety - however - I find something good or bad in all the 'creatures' I portray. Sometimes - like the minbari - I too am a spiritual, passive, and compassionate type of person - on the other hand I also have the logic of the vulcan, and the ability to be forceful and aggressive like the klingon and the narn :-)

    Alexandra: What is your favourite Star Trek Series? Do you have a favourite one?

    Bill: I don't compare the original series to any of the more modern ones - I do very much like the original series and to date - I think I do like TNG over all the others - but I have a great fondness for DS9 having worked on it so much :-). I'm really looking forward to see what they do with 'enterprise' over the next season or 2.

    Alexandra: What do you think about Star Trek Enterprise?

    Bill: It was a good start for a first season - I think they need to get out of being so ' exploring' or space and characters now though - and get into more substance of conflicts with other races and use the imagination of what's out there.

    Alexandra: I've heard you played a role in this series. Is it true and in which episode?

    Bill: I did play a vulcan monk in the episode - the andorian incident'.

    Alexandra: What about the future, can we see you in another episode of Enterprise?

    Bill: Not sure - just have to see if they call for me again - they are on vacation right now.

    Alexandra: What do you think about Captain Archer?

    Bill: As a character - he has some ways to go to fully develop the character - as for Scott the actor - I loved working with him - he does an excellent job with the role and the cast as a whole.

    Alexandra: Paralles between Archer and Kirk or Picard?

    Bill: None at this time that I see. Simply the captains of their vessels.

    Alexandra: In December 2002 the next film of Star Trek will be seen in the cinemas in USA. What do you think about Nemesis?

    Bill: I don't know enough about it to have an opinion at this time - except I didn't get to work on it :-(

    Alexandra: Where all fans are interested in is, do you ever met Patrick Stewart?

    Bill: No

    Alexandra: Do you ever want to meet a Star Trek actor, you have never met?

    Bill: No - one in particular right now I can think of.

    Alexandra: What about the relation to your fans on Conventions? Do you answer all mails and letters?

    Bill: I enjoy corresponding with those I actually meet at the conventions. For those that write because they found me on some website -- I find them to be less sincere and therefore seeking something for nothing in general--Those I tend to respond with a short referral to my website. I do find myself staying in touch with the rest of those who write.

    Alexandra: Last year, you were here in Germay/Goslar at the Galileo 7 Convention. What do you think about German Conventions, are they like the Conventions in the USA or a little bit different?

    Bill: Galileo 7 has been my only German experience, convention or otherwise. While every convention is different and attracts its own fans, I found Galileo 7 to have fans that are much more outgoing and truly interested in meeting the celebrities who attend to attain more than just the memorable autograph. Some of this may be just because they do not see us as often as those who attend conventions in the US. I do look forward -- with great excitement--to attending another event in Germany. I truly enjoyed my first convention in Germany.

    Alexandra: What are your plans for the future?

    Bill: This is a very general question. In short, I plan to marry a wonderful lady named Toni, whom I met at a convention on August 24, 2001. Beyond that I continue to work on television and movies, hope to do more science fiction -- including Star Trek--and am currently co-writing and producing a documentary, consulting on another movie, and have been asked to produce on yet another. With all of this coming up, I have no time for planning.

    Alexandra: Thank you very much for answering and good luck for the future.

    Besucht Bill Blairs Website unter:


    written by Alexandra Reinhardt

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